As the pandemic lingers, businesses and job markets are sending the workforce on a rollercoaster ride. Even with new laws in place to ease the effects of layoffs and many businesses posting “help wanted” signs, it can take months for families to go from barely staying afloat, to regaining financial stability. The Department of Child Support Services understands and offers many services to help parents get through this difficult time.

Changing Your Child Support Order : A modification is a change to the terms or amount of the support order. When there is a change in either parent’s situation, a modification of child support may be what is needed to help with the household finances. Here are a the key steps to getting assistance with your modification are:

Be Proactive:
  • checkedThe most common changes are job losses, new jobs or promotions, and changes to the time spent with the child. Any one of these can change the current child support amount. Either parent experiencing, or aware of a change in circumstance, can request their child support order reviewed and possibly changed. There may be other things that qualify a case for modification; contact your case manager to discuss the possibilities.
Know the Options:
  • checkedOur Child Support Professionals will listen to your circumstances and offer you available options. If a modification is appropriate, DCSS will prepare and file the legal paperwork with the court to change the support amount. If both parents can agree to a new child support amount without going to court or leaving the safety of your home, DCSS can help. Parents can electronically sign new agreements via DocuSign and have your new order processed by your case manager without the need to see a judge.
Be Engaged:
  • checkedCommunication with your case manager and providing the required documentation helps complete the modification review quickly. Be sure to provide your current contact information and ask questions to get a full understanding of the process.

Getting help is as easy as contacting your Child Support Professional. From where you are, to where you want to be…Let Us Help You Get There!