Employers, you play a critical role in collecting child support for the children and families of your employees. The Department of Child Support Services is here to answer your questions and assist in any way.

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There are many ways in which employers can assist in enforcing a child support order; some of which include:

Income Withholding Order– All child support orders are paid through an IWO, also known as a wage assignment. The IWO is required by law. If the parent paying child support has a job, the IWO is sent to his/her employer. The employer must deduct the amount in the IWO under 5% of gross income to add the child(ren) and send it directly to the State Disbursement Unit (SDU). If the paying parent is self-employed or works for cash, they make payments directly to the SDU, and other collection tools are used. A fast and easy way for employers to receive and reply to Income Withholding Orders is by signing up for an electronic Income and Withholding Order (e-IWO).

Health Insurance: National Medical Support Notice – The National Medical Support Notice (NMSN) is a court order that requires the paying parent’s employer (or other person providing health insurance) to enroll the child(ren) in the parent’s health insurance plan. The order also authorizes the employer to deduct the cost of the health care premiums from the paying parent’s earnings. The NMSN also instructs the employer to notify us of any lapse or change in the parent’s coverage.

Bonus/Lump Sum Reporting – Bonus and lump sum payments made to parents are considered income and may be garnished to collect past-due child support. Examples include severance, vacation payouts, retirement incentives, commissions, awards and payments as a result of verdicts. Employers may report bonus or lump sum payments prior to payout by contacting your local child support office at (866) 901-3212 or lumpsumresponseteam@dcss.ca.gov.