The Department of Child Support understands that the responsibilities and challenges of being a parent constantly change. We understand that as life changes, your family’s child support needs may also change. Through a process called a “modification” your child support order can be reviewed to see if changing your monthly child support amount is appropriate.  Many parents do not know that they can request modification based on a change in circumstances, free of charge.

Some changes that may result in a modification of your child support amount include…

  • checkedAmount of time you spend with your child
  • checkedUnemployment or Disability
  • checkedPaying support for another child
  • checkedChange in custody
  • checkedChange in income
  • checkedNew biological child in your home
  • checkedChildcare expenses

When you request a modification, your caseworker will work with both parents to calculate a new monthly child support amount. The monthly child support amount must change by at least $50 or 20% for the court order to be changed. If your order qualifies, your caseworker will work with both parents to reach an agreement outside of court.  

If an agreement is not reached, the final step is to appear in court. Your time is valuable, and we understand making the time to go to court may be difficult.  If a court appearance is required, we will provide the documents needed to be prepared for your court experience.

It all starts with asking us how we can help! Remember:

  • Keep your caseworker informed of any changes and ask how we can help you with your child support case.
  • Be aware that modifying a child support order can result in an increase or decrease of the monthly child support amount.
  • Either parent can request their order be reviewed based on the family’s current circumstances. 
  • Be prepared to complete an Income and Expense Declaration and Visitation Verification form and provide income information such as paystubs or proof of unemployment benefits.
  • Our department can provide you with the tools you need to be successful in this process

If you feel that you may need assistance with changing your child support order, please contact our department today. You may obtain more information by calling (866)-901-3212 or coming into one of our local offices. For a directory of locations and hours where you can receive assistance, please visit