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Did you know that it has been more than 20 years since DCSS moved from the District Attorney’s Office to being part of the San Bernardino County Human Services departments?  As a Human Services organization, our focus is  on the well-being of the entire family, rather than  being punitive.  Many stories and misinformation have helped keep the stigma of the child support program around for a long time.  We have been  taking steps to increase the awareness  and to change the long-standing negative perception of the program.

August is Child Support Awareness Month (CSAM), and each year we focus our efforts on  increasing engagement with our customers and  awareness of the program.  This year, we are highlighting the facts about Child Support. Ensuring that that our customers and the public at large know and understand the correct information about who the department is, and what services we provide. This year for CSAM, San Bernardino County is  focuses on three key areas: 

•  Changing the public perception, 

•  Bringing education and awareness of the services we provide, and 

•  Targeted outreach to groups that could benefit from our services.  

Our goal of increasing awareness starts with spreading the word that no matter where a person is in their child support journey, we are here to help find the best way to deal with our customer’s the unique circumstances. Our holistic approach means reviewing each case and evaluating which services best meet their needs. This approach allows the parents to be engaged in the direction of their case by letting us know where they are, and where they want to go.  Our new slogan “Let Us Help You Get There” serves as a reminder to our staff that our purpose is to assist both parents and the entire family in totality..

We are bringing education and awareness using Social Media, including platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.  Current program service information, community resources, employment information, and video testimonials of real customers and partner organizations are shared regularly on all platforms.  We have made enhancements to our website, added a Spanish landing page, and will continue to participate in events, presentations, and radio broadcasts to share information to reach anyone that may need our services.   

We know that changing how we are perceived means working with both parents to help remove barriers.  Our holistic case management approach to each case, ensures we involve both parents in getting to the right outcome for the children.  San Bernardino County DCSS is committed to earning the trust of  parents who need us and will continue to incorporate new ways in which we can better serve our community and assist families in becoming stronger and more resilient.

New Updates to Help You

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New changes to the Compromise of Arrears Program (COAP)! The COAP program is now, the Child Support Debt Reduction Program.

This program provides the same opportunity for parents paying support to remove past due Child Support balances (also known as arrears) owed to the government.

The benefits of the new program are:

  • checkedA simplified process. You only need to provide certain important information to be considered.
  • checkedNo timeline restrictions on how often you can apply to the program.
  • checkedAllows our office to be more flexible to approve your application based on your circumstances.

Our goal remains to assist both parents in meeting the financial needs of their children.

The Debt Reduction Program is another way we can work together to remove barriers and find workable solutions that help you be a Super-Hero to your children.

If you are interested in participating in the Debt Reduction Program and would like more information, please reach out to your caseworker.


MYTH: The Child Support agency is under the District Attorney’s office.

TRUTH: The Child Support Program is no longer part of the District Attorney’s Office and hasn’t been in over 20 years. Because child support is established through the legal system, it is often misunderstood. Each county has established a Department of Child Support Service which helps those in the community by strengthening families.

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